Who is Rei Ayanami? Characters in Evangelion

Japanese anime series and characters are known for driving audiences insane and enthralling them. Rei Ayanami and the Evangelion series are no exception. Who...
mugiwara store

Mugiwara Store – Big Fans of One Piece Must Know

If you are a fan of anime, you will surely know One Piece - one of the longest and most popular series in Japan....

Are you an Otaku? 4 things you need to know about...

Japan is an island nation with numerous distinct cultures, one of which is Otaku or otaku culture. This is a popular Japanese unique custom,...
How much anime figures cost in Japan and 3 tips to save money

How much anime figures cost in Japan | 3 tips to...

How much anime figures cost in Japan? This may be the question you're asking yourself right now in order to start collecting anime figures....
Manga vs Anime: What Is The Difference You Should Know

Manga vs Anime: What Is The Difference You Should Know?

What is the first thing arising in your mind when it comes to Japan? Manga vs Anime? If this is your answer, don’t stop...

What is cosplay anime? Essential accessories when cosplaying

Today, the cosplay trend is not only becoming more popular in Japan, but in many other countries, it is also gradually becoming a popular...
anime characters so attractive

Why are anime characters so attractive?

Japan is a country that is known and loved by many people not only because of its extremely developed economy but also because of...

Collect: 10+ Most Expensive Dragon Ball Figures

Figures, also known as toy models, are a very popular hobby today. With unique and sophisticated details, the figure model has quickly won the...
The difference between Shoujo and Shounen

[9 keys] What is the difference between Shoujo and Shounen?

 Shoujo and Shounen manga, anime are well-known in Japan since they are typically the ones with active fandoms, mostly made up of young people....

Where to buy Japanese Light Novels? – Janbox Express

The number of people who are becoming increasingly interested in Japanese light novels has increased dramatically. This makes you curious about them so much...

What is Dakimakura? Where to buy the Dakimakura pillow?

The Dakimakura pillow's power in Japanese culture is to help us humans get the best restful sleep. Purchasing Dakimakura is not uncommon among Japanese...
Top 10 Biggest Japanese manga online stores

Where To Buy Japanese Manga? 10+ Japanese Manga Online Stores

Some of you may believe that you can only buy manga in Japanese if you reside in Japan or are just visiting for a...
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