Top 10 Best Japanese Traditional Toys You Should Not Miss

Are you sourcing Japanese traditional toys to explore more about unique cultures and life in Japan from the past to the present? Then, you...

Collect: 10+ Most Expensive Dragon Ball Figures

Figures, also known as toy models, are a very popular hobby today. With unique and sophisticated details, the figure model has quickly won the...
Riichi Mahjong in Japan

Riichi Mahjong in Japan | Introduction, Basic Rules

One of the famous games in Japan is Mahjong, which is similar to Chinese mahjong. The difference between these two ways of playing is...

Where to buy Bearbrick online in Japan?

Bearbrick is on the rage now. It is a clever design that seamlessly combines the simplicity of a plastic toy with the aesthetic impressionability...

What is a Tamagotchi?

Undoubtedly, most of us remember Tamagotchi, the innovative digital pet we all owned before smart smartphones, tablets, and all of the sophisticated apps we...
how to play machi koro-step-by-step

How to play Machi Koro? [Step-by-Step Guide]

The Machi Koro, which is a fast-paced board game that is close and pops up with Japanese culture as well as the spirit of...
japan amiibo

Everything You Need to Know About Japan Amiibo on Nintendo

Yeah, you might have heard about US Amiibo. What’re about Japan Amiibo? What are they? Are they different? How to use and where to...

Guide to Shadow Hunters Board Game for Newbies

Shadow Hunters board game is famous and attractive for all people across the world that all ages can play easily. However, learning how to...

What is Figma Figure Anime?The difference from other figures

Do you become hooked on anime shows or video game fantasy characters? If that's the case, you're probably going to enjoy collecting Figma Figure...
How To Buy Japanese Pokemon Cards Easiest

How To Buy Japanese Pokemon Cards Easiest? [Guide 2021]

Are you a big fan of Pokémon and want to buy Pokemon from Japan? There is a place to find the latest releases of...

Findings Of Interest In The Omoshiroi Block

Japan is renowned for its meticulousness, attention to detail, and refinement in even the slightest of details. You will be even more amazed by...
where to buy kumamon bear

Kumamon bear – Mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture Japan

If you are a huge admirer of Japanese Kawaii culture, you have probably seen the picture of Kumamon, a cuddly black bear. One of...
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