Customer Loyalty Program

1. Introduction

Loyalty Program is a program that Janbox exclusively for loyal customers. When you become a loyal customer at Janbox, you will receive many special offers.

1.1 Loyalty

When you become a loyalty Janbox customer, you will receive many special offers:

  • Increase the number of auction credit links.
  • Cashback for international shipping.
  • Free or partially reduced value-added service fees. For example, fees for packages such as combo service, photo service, inspection service,...
  • Direct deduction from the price.
  • Note: Cash-back % depends on shipping unit price and shipping address as each country will have a different shipping policy.
1.2 Table of loyalty policies

2. How to upgrade customer level

1.2 Customers buy membership level

If the customer wants to upgrade the membership level immediately, the customer needs to pay the corresponding fee for each level. Please note that if you accept the purchase of a tier, there will be no cancellations or refunds.
Membership period is 365 days.

2.2  Customers have accumulated GMV

Customers have a high cumulative GMV system, within a 365-day period. Levels are automatically updated every first Monday of the week. And only update the User arising in the previous week.

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