Can I cancel my auction?

 Yahoo Auction online service

1. For Yahoo Auction online orders, you are allowed to cancel your payment and take penalties following Janbox's regulations.
2. Customers have to pay for penalty fee as regulated by Janbox in cases of late payment, overdue payment, a cancellation that affect the reputation of Janbox company in Japan. Specifically:

- On the auction: If you are the highest bidder at the moment and want to cancel your bid, please contact the Customer service department for support. The service cancelation fee is 300yen/ order.
- After winning the auction: you want to cancel the order:
- With an order  ≤ 50,000 JPY, the cancelation fee is 5000 JPY/ order
- With an order  > 50,000 JPY, The cancelation fee is 10% order value (not include tax)
- With a 1 yen Auction order, the cancelation fee will be applied normally for regular, bronzer, silver levels. The customer at the Gold and Platinum level can cancel the order without penalty.
- Service fee is 300 yen/ auction and the payment fee is 200yen/ auction
- You will be automatically locked the auction account if canceling payment from 2 links/week
- You will be permanently locked the auction function in case you intentionally do some actions causing a bad effect to Janbox's reputation in Japan, including canceling payment for order many times; Yahoo! Auction site locks your account; we will withdraw and charge 10,000 yen in your fixed balance and stop transaction with these customers.
Read more about '' Customer Loyalty Program In Janbox'' to have a deeper understanding of Customers' benefits when bidding. 
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