Domestic Shipping

In addition to delivering Japanese products internationally, Janbox also provides delivery packages to domestic addresses within Japan. 

1. Domestic Shipping Service Rates

Designated domestic carrier delivers packages to every region in Japan (except for some isolated islands and mountainous regions).
Domestic Shipping Delivery Dates: We will usually ship domestic packages within 2-3 days after receiving the payment for the shipping fees.

* Note:
  • Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to select a shipping-off date or request a certain delivery hour for domestic shipping.
  • Weekends and Japanese holidays are not included.
  • Other delays might also occur.

2. Delivery Address

If you would like to have your package delivered to a hotel in Japan, please make sure that the name of the address matches the name of the reservation. If the name is different, there is a possibility that the package cannot be delivered successfully.

Please enter a Japanese phone number to your domestic address. There is a possibility that the shipping company will contact the receiver about the delivery.

If the registered domestic address is invalid, Janbox might contact you about the address. Due to this reason, the package delivery might delay. If possible, please enter the domestic address in Japanese. The delivery might delay for packages with the address written in other languages.

3. Domestic Delivery Policies 

The packages will be delivered as the fees are paid. We are unable to deliver packages with cash on delivery (COD).

Refrigerated delivery for perishables items is not available.

There is a possibility, that the delivery cannot be made to some isolated islands and mountainous regions.

For the items that are prohibited for international shipping, or difficult to cope with, you will not be able to purchase them through Janbox even the item is intended to be sent domestically.

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