How long does it take to receive the package from the seller after winning the auction?

The transaction process after winning the auction at Yahoo Auction will take place as follows:
Win the auction> Pay for  the auction> Janbox contacts the seller> receive Items at Janbox Japan warehouse> International shipping

After you win the auction, you will make payment for the auction order. Janbox needs to contact the seller to know detail about the payment and delivery methods. Normally, this process takes about 2-3 working days.

Furthermore, about 70% of the sellers on Yahoo Auction are individual sellers. Once we complete the payment with the seller, it usually takes about a week for the seller to send the goods to our warehouse through the domestic shipping unit in Japan.

Therefore, the expected shipping time of the auction order is about 14 days from the time the package arrives at the Janbox warehouse after winning the auction and deliver it to the customer's home.

After you win the auction, you will receive an estimated delivery time via email or notice on your page. If you have not received your item after 14 days since you won the auction, please submit your request to the Janbox Customer Service department and we will help you confirm the status of your package as soon as possible.
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