Is auctioning on Yahoo Auction safe?

Yahoo Auction is an e-commerce platform owned by Yahoo Japan Corporation. Here, Yahoo Auction does not sell its products but acts as a transaction center to ensure exchange, purchase, and payment between buyers and sellers on Yahoo Auction. Thousands of used and new products are auctioned or bought such as watches, Zippos, car accessories, fashion, antiques, ... Online purchases, especially cross-border purchases from Japan, make many people wonder about the origin of the products? Payment or shipping issues? Here are the facts to help customers feel secure when trading on Yahoo Auction via Janbox:

1. Japanese business philosophy respects trustworthiness

Japanese people are well-known for their honesty, respect, prestige not only in business but also in all areas of life in Japan. They aim for a sustainable, long-term business, not a snatch business. Product information described on Yahoo Auction closely matches reality from the image to the description. Also, the notes on products such as scratches, damaged, or missing parts are also described very clearly. You can also text the seller to inquire about the product before making any transactions with the seller.

2. Yahoo Auction has a 3-level security control system

All transactions on the Yahoo Auction system are committed to confidentiality and strictly controlled from Yahoo! 3-level security control system of Yahoo! include:
- Anonymous Distribution System: The personal information of both seller and buyer is protected by Yahoo. Buyers and sellers are only able to know each other's information when they win the auction. Besides, the bids, hidden prices, ... are all confidential and randomly allocate. There will be no cases of dumping, virtual pricing, or bidding to push prices up.
- 24/7 Customer Service Center: System staff support customers with transactions on Yahoo! 24/7
- Fraud Control System: Yahoo! Use fraud detection technology with the latest technology. In addition to the automatic monitoring by the machine system, Yahoo! also runs24 hours, 365 days of automated tests carried out by employees at the system.
- Janbox's purchase & payment safety control support

Before purchasing: At Janbox JP e-commerce website, customers will make purchases and payments directly on your country version, estimate prices, and other costs in advance. The attributes of information and product status are clearly described which helps customers understand the information in more detail. Besides, the prestige of the seller has been statistical by Janbox next to the product also help customers evaluate sellers effectively.

While purchasing: Each customer who makes any transaction on Janbox is supported by a dedicated customer support team. Sales staff will support consulting, answering questions during the process. When a customer makes a purchase or deals with a seller that is not reputable or carries risks, our sales staff will assist you.

After purchasing: After paying and receiving products at Janbox's warehouse, if the products are purchased on Yahoo Auction and there is any risk of shortage (quantity), wrong items, ... Janbox will contact the seller in Japan and do NOT complete a transaction to prevent the seller from receiving money from the Yahoo Auction system. With a security system from multiple sources, Janbox confidently offers a solution for our customers to shop Japanese items quickly, safely, and securely.
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