What is minimum Increment?

Minimum Increment is the minimum difference of the next bid compared to the previous bid when you enter an online auction. The increment is set by the rules of the Yahoo Auction system and it depends on the current price of the product in the auction.

Here's the minimum Increment that corresponds to product prices at Yahoo Auction: (The minimum Increment given by Janbox is for reference only, the actual minimum Increment depends on the product and the seller's regulations).

Product price Minimum Increment
1JPY - 999JPY 10JPY
1,000JPY - 4,999JPY 100JPY
5,000JPY - 9,999JPY 250JPY
10,000JPY - 49,999JPY 500JPY
50,000JPY and above 1,000JPY

The current price of the product is 5,000 yen and the price step of the product is 250 yen.
If you bid 5,100 yen, the bid will be failed. You need to bid at least 5,250 yen (Current price 5,000 yen + minimum Increment  250 yen) to bid successfully.
When you use a sniper bid at Janbox, at the last 5 minutes of the auction, if your bid is lower than the product price at that time, the sniper bid will be failed.
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