About Auctions Credit

1. What is Auctions Credit?

 Auction credits are a special feature only available at Janbox. It allows customers to bid on products first and pay later. Just until the customer becomes the winner in the auction, the payment process begins.
* Note:
  • The credit limit will depend on the customer's membership level.
  • The term of the auction credit is indefinite. However, if within 6 consecutive months there are no orders, the membership level will be deleted.

2. Advantages of Auctions Credit

  • Multiple products can be auctioned with low available balance: For payment method as Janbox wallet, Paypal or others, the auction you can only bid on products with less than the available balance.
  • Low deposit: With only 10,000 JPY, customers already own auction credit links corresponding to your membership level. 
  • Make the auction process more convenient: Auction first, pay later. When bidding on credit, it is only when you are sure that you become an auction winner that you need to make payment so that it is more convenient for customers, especially for high-value products.

3. Conditions for granting Auction Credit

To be granted auction credit, customers can be considered in two ways:
  • Option 1: Upgrade member rank based on cumulative GMV (number of purchase orders).
  • Option 2: Buy member rank.

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