About Package Storage

When goods arrive at Janbox warehouse, they will be in storage for free within the first 45 days. After 45 days pass from the package arrival date, a storage extension fee based on the package weight will be calculated every day as long as the package is stored at our warehouse.

* Note:
  • Storage is calculated based on the weight of the product and the time it stays in the warehouse.
  • Storage fee: 5 JPY/kg/day.
  • The maximum storage period is 90 days. After that, the package will be disposed of without any compensation. So please be aware of the storage period.

1. When storage a single package

Let's take an example. A package has arrived at our warehouse on September 1st and is shipped out on October 20th, the weight of the package is 6kg. Storage fee will be payed together with international shipping fees.

Storage fee 5 JPY x 6.000 gram x 5 storage days = 150 JPY

2. When storage a consolidated package

The consolidated package's maximum storage period will be calculated when the package is consolidated.

Please notice that the storage fee might vary after consolidation since the storage extension fee is calculated by the package weight.

For example, a package (4,000g) that has arrived at our warehouse on Septemper 1st and a package (6,000g) that has arrived on October 20th are consolidated on the same day, and then shipped out on December 10th.

Storage fee will be paid together with international shipping fees.

(Before consolidation) Storage extension fee 5 JPY x 4.000 gram x 5 storage days = 100 JPY

(After consolidation) Storage extension fee 5 JPY x 10.000 gram x 5 storage days = 250 JPY

Total storage fee: 80 JPY + 250 JPY = 330 JPY

3. When disposing of packages

The maximum storage period is 90 days from the date the package arrives at the Janbox warehouse.

Packages that are not shipped out of our warehouse within the 90 days storage period will be processed. We do not take any responsibility for those packages, so we will not refund any fees relating to the packages (if any). 

In the event that there are package disposal fees, possible domestic shipping charges, and consumption taxes, these will need to be borne by the customer. Before payment of these fees is completed, bidding or ordering, or arranging for collection, protective packaging, or shipping for any other packages will be disabled.

* Please note that paid item fees, package fees, or service charges are non-refundable for package liquidation.
  • Even if a package is liquidated from the customer's side, the customer must pay the package's possible domestic shipping fees (if any), sales tax, and renewal fees prior to liquidation.
  • The free storage period and the maximum storage period cannot be extended for any reason. Please arrange your packages, consolidation, protective packing, etc. early enough to finish before the storage period expires.
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