Package Consolidation Service

1. About Package Consolidation Service

  • It reduces the expenses for you by sending one consolidated package to make it cheaper than sending multiple packages. Moreover, consolidation will avoid the case of bulky goods that increases international shipping fees.
  • When using the consolidation service, customers will receive goods only once, easier to manage the packages.

2. Package consolidation fee

The fee for one-time order consolidation is 500 JPY/5$

When consolidating 3 or more packages

3. Terms and conditions

a. Consolidation service cannot be canceled
The consolidation service cannot be canceled for any reason during the ordering process. Please keep this in mind before using it.

b. You cannot use the consolidation service after paying for international shipping (second charge)
You need to apply for consolidation service before choosing an international shipping method and pay at the second charge. If you already paid the second charge, you could not consolidate your package anymore.

c. You will be charged for each additional consolidation
You will still be charged if you want to consolidate one package that has been consolidated with an additional package. The fee will be a new fee 500 JPY/5$ for consolidation.

d. You cannot require the way the items are packed
When applying the consolidation service, your package will be checked. Then the items are packed into one consolidated package. In some cases, if the item's packaging makes the consolidation process difficult, we may use additional materials from our warehouse (e.g. cardboard boxes, air bubbles) to ensure safety for the parcel after consolidating. If you are concerned about packing fragile or important items, please use our protective packaging services.

e. Some items are not qualified for consolidation
If we cannot use the consolidation service for the items due to their size or weight limitations, orders can be consolidated into multiple packages.
  • For customers using 2 optional services “consolidation + protective packaging” at the same time, Janbox will add protective packaging to all packages after consolidation.
  • Some products cannot consolidate because they have fragile or irregular shapes such as golf clubs or guitars.

For the safety of your products, the consolidation service is not accepted. In this case, Janbox suggests customers use a protective packaging service, we will contact the customer in specific cases.
→ Protective Packing service

f. Some items may incur customs fees
Customs tax is calculated according to the value of the package. By grouping items together, you may incur additional customs fees. Customers are responsible for paying all costs incurred.

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