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What is Janbox?

Janbox is a cross-border e-commerce platform that allows you to purchase and auction billions of items from Japan and the United States. We ship to over 220 countries across the world swiftly and easily, while also reducing shipping costs with our free repacking service.

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Why should you choose Janbox?

The majority of Japanese and American websites do not ship internationally and only take domestic credit cards. As a result, purchasing straight from these websites will be extremely difficult.

Most importantly, we will assist you in reducing shipping costs by assisting you with order packaging. Goods submitted to our warehouse will be free of charge for inventory and repackaging to minimize the package's weight, saving consumers money on shipping expenses. This is one of the unique features that Janbox offers to its loyal clients.

With Janbox's smart purchasing service, we will assist you in resolving all of the aforementioned issues. You may buy high-quality Japanese and American domestic items and have them sent to Vietnam quickly and safely with just a few simple steps!

Products are always available!

You can easily buy limited & rare products for affordable prices!

One-time payment
One-time payment

Users only need to make a one-time payment, save the time from purchasing to receiving.

Advanced & accurate logistics & Fulfillment
Artificial intelligence application

Smart shopping suggestions, help users save time on searching, able to purchase directly on the homepage.

Professional warehouse service
Advanced & accurate logistics & Fulfillment

Absolutely accurate with Cubiscan's conveyor system, electronic scales, measuring package dimensions using sound waves.

Artificial intelligence application
Easy and convenient payment

A variety of worldwide used payment methods including MasterCard, Alipay, Paypal, Visa.

 Easy and convenient payment
Professional warehouse service

Free consolidation Packages & free storage for about 45 days. Other optional services include photos service, protective packaging, special packing, insurance service.

Smart mobile application
Smart mobile application

Available on iOS and Android offers the easiest and most convenient experience.

How to use Janbox Service

Make a purchase
Search for items

You can search for your favorite item by entering its name or URL into our search bar.

Add to cart

Please read carefully the information: price, size, weight, reputation, etc. of the items and sellers. Then, click on "Add to cart" to place an order.

The first Charge

After confirming the order information, you need to make a payment including the item’s price, service fee.

Wait a couple of days

Janbox’s purchase department will process to buy the item. You need to wait a couple of days for the shipping from the seller to Janbox warehouse.

Place a bid
Search for items

Select the Auction section on Yahoo! shopping, Mercari, eBay, etc. on the menu bar, enter the item’s name or URL.

Read information carefully

Please read carefully the information: images, current price, reliability of the seller, item description. 

Place a bid

Enter the number of money that you are willing to pay for the item in the section "Your price" and fill in order information.

Wait a couple of days

After the auction ends, if you are the winner, the system will automatically deduct the points corresponding to the item price and service fee. Then, the item will be shipped to our warehouse.

Specify international shipping details

After the item arrives at the warehouse, you choose an international carrier and optional service if needed.

The second charge

Pay for domestic, international shipping fees and optional service fees (if occurred).

Receive your package delivered

The item will be delivered safely to your registered address.

Janbox Optional Service

Package consolidation

When using the consolidation service, customers will receive goods only once, easier to manage the packages.

Inspection service

Inspection service is the process of checking, classifying, and reporting the actual quantity of items in the delivery process when the seller delivers the items to our warehouse.

Photo service

Janbox supports you to take photos of packages at our warehouse. You can confirm the quantity and packing status before they are shipped.


When you buy multiple items, we will consolidate these package into only one package and ship it to you. This service helps you save maximum time as well as shipping fees.

Protective packaging

To ensure that your goods are not damaged during international shipping, using a protective packaging service will help protect your packages, minimize unexpected risk.

Service flow
Step 01

Search Items and check price

Search for your favourite
items and buy it or place a
bid. Confirm item’s price
and service fee.

Step 02

Check out item throught Janbox

The first charge for your
order: Item’s price, Service

Step 03

The second Charge

Select Shipping method
and Pay for your
International shipping fee,
Optional service, Domestic
shipping fee.

Step 04

Get your Package delivered

Get your nicely packaged

Wait for items to arrive Janbox's warehouse
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