Insurance Service

1. What is an insurance service?

Janbox insures the value of the products for 100%. As a result, if clients utilize the cargo insurance service, Janbox is committed to indemnifying 100% of the products’ value based on the insurance coverage offered by Janbox in case the packages are lost or damaged. To reduce risks, we constantly advise our clients to purchase this additional service. 

1.1 The insured
Applied for all Janbox’s products.
Except for fragile products such as glasses, monitors, guitars, etc. 

1.2 Insurance coverage 
Apply to products that have been visually damaged (partial or full damaged) or lost in transit:

1.3 Insurance compensation exemption
Damage that was not caused by the delivery process of Janbox.

2. Service fees & insurance benefits

  • For goods with an original price under JPY 25,000/ $250, the insurance service fee is 500 JYP/5$. Insurance benefits will be calculated as a percentage of the damage, up to 100% of the original price, and no more than JPY25,000/ $250.
  • For goods priced over JPY25,000/ $250, the insurance service will be free. Insurance benefits will be calculated as the percentage of damage and up to 100% of the original price.

3. Using terms

3.1 Regulations on handling service insurance reimbursement 

Request time: Within 15 days since the customer receives the product. After that, Janbox is not responsible for any problems.

Procedures required to complete the complaint process:
Evidences to show that this incurred problem happens during Janbox's shipping process.
Provide information including Janbox account, product ID, pictures and send them to [email protected]

Janbox will clarify your requirement only when we have enough evidence and information.

3.2 Regulations

- The insurance service cannot be canceled.
The insurance service cannot be canceled for any reason once you have registered during the ordering process. Please keep this in mind before applying.

Only apply for damaged products, not for full packages.

3.3 Refund Policy

After confirming the order to be in the refunded coverage, the system will refund to your Janbox Wallet within 2 business days.

For all the questions, advice, or contribution, please send them to the Janbox support department via [email protected] to get support.
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