Notation based on the Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions

The "Janbox" purchase support service is based on the Japan Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

The Japan Act on Specified Commercial Transactions is the basis for this notation. Based on Article 10 of the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" (former mail-order law) and mail-order sales, the following is stated explicitly (advertisements for mail-order sales). Only dealings with Japanese citizens are covered under the Japan Act on Specified Commercial Transactions. Please keep in mind that in the case of transactions involving shipping from our company to those who live outside of the United States, the following items may differ.

Distributor EZBUY Co. Ltd
Representative Mr. Lex Le, Founder & CEO
Address Tokyo, Koto City, Shinsuna, 3 Chrome – 10 – 8, 1F Warehouse 3
Contact +81 80-6022-7335
Reception time: 8:00 AM - 17:00 PM ( From Monday to Saturday )
※ If you need to reach us outside of office hours, please contact us via email.
Email Address [email protected]
Main Business Activities E-Commerce Planning and Development Service
Service Fee / Shipping Fee Product price: The price of a product after a successful bid or purchase by clients. The cost of additional product-related products incurred following a successful bid/purchase.
Payment fee: The fee for settlement from Janbox to the seller
Domestic Japan shipping: Domestic shipping charge from the seller to our warehouse ( Only when necessary )
User-paid costs include everything except service and delivery fees. Sale tax: Sale tax charged by the seller ( Only when necessary )
Insurance: Insurance fee offered by each shipping company ( Only when necessary )
Other optional fees: Collective packing fee, strict packing fee, plan fee, etc. ( Only when necessary )
Payment [ Payment method ]
PayPal is an option
Please see the payment methods page for more information
[ Purchase-related costs ]
We will advise you of the cost for product purchases and successful bids made using our service through email and on "My page" for the items for which the purchase and successful bid have been completed.
We will inform you of the product price, buy support cost, payment fee, and plan fee ( if applicable ). Please check the price page for the price amount.
[ Delivery-related cost ]
As soon as we have confirmed and weighed the contents in our warehouse, we will notify you of the usage fee by email and on "Mypage".
We will notify you of domestic shipping charges, shipping charges to the specified delivery destination, optional service fees, consumption tax, etc.
If there is a difference between the product weight posted by the seller and the weighing result in our warehouse, the weighing result in our warehouse will be the basis of the usage fee.
Delivery We will handle the shipment within 6 business days after receiving your request, and you may track the process of the luggage that arrived in the warehouse on " My Page".
Shipping restrictions We accept packages containing items that can be handled according to the conditions of use.
Returns / Refunds We are unable to accommodate cancellations. The user is responsible for any charges associated with the following:
  • If the shipment is returned to our warehouse because it was not received within a reasonable amount of time owing to the absence of a delivery address: Reshipment shipping and insurance
  • If the shipment is returned to our warehouse because the delivery address was refused: Charges for reshipment shipping and insurance
Hidden Defects Any queries, complaints, defect warranty liability, contract nonconformity liability, or other claims relating to the contents of the provided items are not covered by the Company.
Others All other restriction are subject to the "Terms of Service" which are operated on the basis of the user's good intentions. You are presumed to have accepted to the "Terms of Service" by using our service.
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