Photo Service

Janbox supports you to take photos of packages at warehouse. You can confirm the quantity and packing status before they are delivered.

1. Photos at Janbox warehouse 

* Package includes 01 items.

* Package includes multiple items.

* Consolidated package.

* Protective packaging/Special packaging.

2. Photo service fee

Service fee to take photos:  300 JPY/3$ for a package (5 photos).

3. How to use photo service 

a. It is not possible to cancel the photos service once applied
Photos service cannot be canceled for any reason once you have used it during the ordering process. Please keep this in mind before using.

b. You cannot ask Janbox how to take photos in your own way
You cannot ask for a way to take photos of goods at certain angles, or to take photos of individual parts of goods.

c. The weight on the photo does not include the weight of the shipping label or invoice or protective packaging accessories 
After the goods arrive at Janbox warehouse, we will add labels, invoices, or other protective packaging accessories (Bubble wraps, foam, extra packing cardboard boxes if necessary). The weight displayed in the photo and the actual weight may differ for the above reason.

d. If the items shown in the photo are different from the order, please contact us
For items using the photo service, if the customer discovers that the item's photos are different from the orders (color, product quantity, etc.), please contact us via email for support.

e. No support for retaking photos for the second time in the same order
Basically, Janbox does not accept taking photos for the second time for any reason. If the photo is too blurry or the items in photos are different from your order, please contact Janbox customer supporting team.

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