Prohibited Items

1. Prohibited items

  1. Drugs, addictive substances, alcohol, narcotic substances, nerve stimulants;
  2. Weapons, ammunition, military equipment;
  3. Depraved and reactionary cultural products, publications, and documents with defiant contents cause insecurity, and undermining national solidarity;
  4. Explosive substances,  dangerous substances, or unhygienic, polluting the environment;
  5. The types of products are banned from circulation, trading, export, or import;
  6. Living organism;
  7. Prohibited items from import according to the World Postal Union (UPU);
  8. Currency, checks, and papers of value such as money;
  9. Letter in the parcel;
  10. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, ...), gemstones, or other products made from precious metals;
  11. Publications for the blind;
  12. Types of medical equipment that are not yet allowed to be used;
  13. Medicines for human treatment, vaccines, medical-biological, cosmetics, and chemicals for insecticidal and bactericidal in the field of household and medical use have not been permitted for use;
  14. Illegal Items or products with the unclear origin that cannot be proved for their source will be confiscated by the authorities and not be compensated;
  15. The types of medical cosmetics have not been announced to the competent authority.
  16.  Products from wild animals such as ivory
  17. Antiques, second-hand, high-value, bulk, and fragile items.
  18. Second-hand electronics: Iphone, Ipad, Laptop...
  19. Poor quality products, imitations of big brands.
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