Protective Packaging Service

1. What is protective packing?

To ensure that your goods are not damaged during international shipping, using a protective packaging service will help protect your packages, minimize unexpected risks. Protective packaging includes:
  • Inside: Add cushions, air bubbles, sponges to prevent impact on the product.
  • Outside: Add cardboard barrels, wooden crates, V-braces, protective film,...

When items arrive at the Janbox warehouse in Japan, they will be packed carefully according to customers' requests. Janbox suggests customers use the protective packaging service for fragile items.

2. Protective packaging service fee

Weight (gram) Fee (JPY)
0 - 5000 500
5001 - 15000 1000
15001 - 30000 1500
≥30001 Contact to get a quote

3. Terms and Condition

a. Protective packaging or special packaging services cannot be canceled once applied
Protective packaging or special packaging cannot be canceled or changed after you applied.

b. The package weight after using protective packaging might be changed
Our warehouse staff will do our best to ensure that your package is securely packed to avoid the risk of damage during international shipping. Please note that the weight of the package will be increased after adding protective packing, which is inevitable. Usually, the weight of the package will be increased by about 1-2 Kg from the original weight depending on the size of the package.

c. Shipping fees may be higher for special packaging
In the case of packages that require special packaging, the possibility of shipping fees may be higher due to the larger size of the new package.

d. The special packaging service cannot be used with protective packaging at the same time
When a customer applies to the use of a special packaging service, the protective packaging service will not be performed as they are included in the special packaging service.

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