Refund and withdrawal policy

Janbox Refund is the amount of money that customers will be refunded to Janbox wallet when there are cases of failure to purchase goods, payment problems due to objective factors beyond Janbox's control.

1. Refund policy

a. Applicable cases:
  • International shopping orders cannot be fulfilled due to out of stock.
  • Mercari order bid registration failed.
  • Did not win the auction/offer.
  • Deactivate the VIP auction feature.
b. Refund process
Once the order is in "Cancelled" status, the refund will be based on the amount you actually paid for the canceled order and the time it takes to receive the refund depending on your payment method, specifically:
  • If you pay via Janbox wallet: The system automatically refunds your Janbox wallet account within 05 working hours.
  • If you pay by bank transfer: After you provide your bank account information, the system will process the refund within 01 - 03 working days.
  • If you pay by credit card: The system will automatically refund your account within 07 - 45 working days.

2. Withdrawal policy

a. Applicable cases:
  • Apply for customers who use VND wallet for transactions
  • The withdrawal amount is less than or equal to the remaining amount in the Wallet and no more than 100 million/time.
  • At a time, a customer can only create a maximum of 1 withdrawal order for processing.
b. Withdrawing process
  • After the withdrawal order is created, it will be processed within 48 hours (Except for public holidays as prescribed by the Nation).
  • To withdraw money, go to Janbox Wallet, select the Withdraw button in VND Wallet, then fill in the relevant information to create a pending order.
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