Return Policy

Janbox is not a seller, just a third party to guarantee the payment and purchase of products for customers, so Janbox does not directly support the warranty/return of goods. The returning goods will be made before they are delivered to your address and depend on each seller's policy. Janbox recommends that customers read the information carefully, or contact the customer service department to contact the seller and find out more about their return policy before deciding to purchase. During our development process, Janbox always ensures maximum benefits for customers in solving cases arising from technical errors from manufacturers, shipping errors.

1. For Yahoo Auction, Mercari, Rakuma site

Auctioned items on Yahoo Auction are mostly used items and there is no return after receiving items from Yahoo Auction. Customers need to carefully read the item information and evaluate the seller's prestige before trading with that seller through Janbox. If there are a shortage or wrong items during the process at the Janbox's warehouse or after the items arrive at your address, we will immediately contact the customer to discuss and support complaints with Yahoo Auction to minimize damage to customers.

2. For items purchased from other websites on Janbox

Customers proceed to exchange and return items by the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the Janbox customer service department in case the items need to be returned via email for support.

Step 2: Provide evidence of the item and required information:
  • Name/code of the item.
  • Damaged condition.
  • Actual item photos.
  • Photo of package with full information of seller.

Janbox will contact the buyer to check the information and make compensation if the error is related to international shipping, or we will support returning the items to the seller if the customer request.

3. For fragile products

Janbox recommends customers not trade items on the fragile item list (Due to the risk of international long-distance transportation). In case customers still want to make transactions in this category, Janbox recommends:
  • Customers need to use special packaging service or protective packaging service to ensure the safety of the items.
  • Janbox has no responsibility in case your items are damaged/broken during transportation for fragile items.
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