Shippping Procedure

Instruction video for shipping procedure

Detailed instructions for shipping procedure just 4 easy steps.

1. Notice of order arrived at the warehouse

  • Janbox will automatically send you an email when your item arrives at the warehouse.
  • Please check in the list displayed on your “My Page” → “Package management”.

2. Add optional services

  • If you would like to add Package Consolidation, please choose the package you would like to add the service and then click the button “Package Consolidation”.
  • The Package Consolidation Service is only available when you have two or more packages imported into Janbox warehouse.
  • If you do not require optional services, please go to step 3.

3. Choose shipping method

  • Please choose the shipping method & address and payment method.
  • If you would like to add a protective service/special service, please choose the service you want and go to the next step.
  • Please note that protective and special services cannot be applied to the same package.

4. Payment

  • Please select payment method & Check your payment details and click the "Payment" button to complete your payment.
  • After payment is completed, the package will be shipped internationally.
* Notice of Shipping High-Value Items:
For packages whose total value is/exceeds 200,000 JPY, since customs inspections have become stricter, it's possible for the package to be returned to Janbox warehouse. In this case, Janbox will postpone the shipping of some of the packages by shipping packages on different days.

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