7 Tips to raise income by selling books on Mercari

7 Tips to raise income by selling books on Mercari

The secondhand market always gives you a certain source of profit. However, you do not know how to increase your income through the Mercari e-commerce platform. Then try your hand at selling books on Mercari. Along with the tips for how to selling books on Mercari below, you will sell successfully.

7 tips to raise income by selling books on Mercari

Can you sell books on Mercari?

The answer is yes. Almost anything can be sold on Mercari. Even other unique items can be found on this e-commerce platform. So, if you want to sell this product on Mercari, just do it. 

7+ secret tips for selling books on Mercari 

You will not have to agonize over the unresolved problems of selling books on Mercari anymore. Here are 7 tips on how to sell books on Mercari easily.

  • A clear description of the content and quality of the book

First, you need to let the buyer know what books refer to, or in other words, you must give clear and detailed information about the books you sell. The sales will grow positively if you know how to list the titles and arrange them based on clear criteria. The more detailed your book description is, the better it’ll be to reach buyers.

One of the best ways is posting some pictures of the books, give buyers an overview of all the books you want to sell. The images that should be posted are pictures of the front and back of each book, the first few pages, or the end of the book. And the books will sell themselves. There’s no harm in posting a few pictures to describe what you sell in more detail.

In addition, in the product description, you need to write the full name of the book, the date of publication, the name of the author, as well as the people related to it. For newly published books, you will also need to provide an ISBN (an identifier related to publication format and publication date).

A note for you is that you should choose and arrange the background to be able to enhance the book product. Because it is an old book, it may not be as beautiful and new as the first, so you need to know how to take photos to make the product look attractive. If there are any problems with the book, such as a bit of an old page or cover, you should also mention it in the description honestly. This will help you avoid buyer complaints after receiving the goods.

  • The Suitable Price of books on Mercari

The price issue is always something that you should think about carefully. To get an average price range, you need to survey and research competitor websites. You also should not set the price too low as this will make the buyer doubt the quality of the book. Conversely, if the price is too high, no one will buy it.

  • Make sure your books are of the best quality

These are old books but you also need to make sure they are still reusable with full-page numbers. The cover of the book also needs to be clean, not too old. For old books with acceptable covers, you will be appreciated by consumers.

  • Take the best photos of your book

7 tips to raise income by selling books on Mercari

As mentioned above you should choose the best images of the book. You can add some cute items or tools related to the content of the book to take pictures with the book or decorate some lights for a magical, beautiful background. You can hang lights or candles on bookcases or the ground with a few arrangements around your book. This will make the book look new. In addition, you can also use your beautiful room as the background to make the book look more outstanding. Or simply use other books that are messy, overlapping with the book you sell in the center of the frame. That is all there is to a good photo.

  • Professional in selling

Selling professionally will increase your sales even more. You need to do everything to keep the shipping price as low as possible in both cases whether you or the buyer pay the shipping fee.

The way you respond to customers also needs to be thoughtful and enthusiastic. It will help customers feel satisfied with your service attitude and see your professionalism.

Professionalism in sales is also reflected in handling customer feedback and complaints. You need to be dedicated to solving customer problems and questions.

  • Guaranteed delivery route

You agree with the buyer on the time of delivery and receipt of goods. Try to stick to the deal so you do not discredit yourself.

The delivery route also needs to be transparent for you and the buyer to follow. Avoiding the loss of goods during transportation is very important.

  • Be careful while packing

Since it is a perishable product, you need to pack it carefully. For example, rain can make the box wet, which will affect the quality of the books inside. You should choose the right packaging material for the weather as well as the situation. Why choose based on circumstances? Simply, if the delivery address is far away from your store, your book may be damaged by external influences. Anticipate all possible circumstances so that your package reaches the buyer most safely.

Everything is easier with some guidance. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to be more motivated to be ready to enter the Mercari market. Be cautious and careful as well as alert to be able to sell books on Mercari. Grow your store step by step and if you have any questions or problems related to selling or creating an account on Mercari, please let us know. Good luck!