What is Golden Week? Everything about The Longest holidays in Japan

You've definitely heard about Golden Week, Japan's longest holiday, because of the massive sales at all of the retailers.  But, did you know that everyone...

What to explore about Urushi- Japanese lacquer?

Having a bowl that will change and enlarge as you do is quite satisfying, even though porcelain dishes and metal utensils are standard fares....

Temari Balls: The Ultimate Guide Of Inspiring Ornamental Art From Japan

With its own distinct style, TEMARI is undeniably among the most enjoyable, relaxing, and gratifying needle arts out there. Temari, which has its origins...

17 Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments You Should Know

Did you know that in Japan, there are more than 30 traditional Japanese musical instruments date back over 3,000 years? Indeed, musical Instruments in...

All About Visual Kei Fashion In Japanese Culture

Japan has significantly contributed to a variety of fashion styles that have had a big impact on people all around the world. They gave...
Japanese tatami mats

All you need to know about Tatami mats – Tatami traditional...

Tatami mats are a type of traditional mats found in Japanese homes. Tatami mats create a feeling of softness and coolness in the summer...
buy kenshi yonezu album

Kenshi Yonezu | Biography and Albums

Referring to Yonezu Kenshi, people often think of the tall musician, his messy hair falling to hide his sad eyes, piercing ears, and the...
Facts of Netsuke

Facts of Netsuke: Important Japanese Culture

Netsuke is popular art and collector's goods in Japan. Institutions such as the Met Museum and the British Museum have outstanding holdings outside of...
taisho period

Taisho Era| History, Culture, and Art of This Period

Japanese culture since ancient times has brought many unique and distinctive features. With a special geographical position when completely surrounded by the sea and...

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Janbox is giving away ¥300 for all customers who are downloading Janbox app.  So what are you waiting for? Download Janbox app now to...
What client says about Janbox

Customer Feedback About Janbox

Following a time of operating and delighting consumers with orders from Japan. Janbox also received numerous opinions, questions, and cooperation from consumers in order...
Janbox Is Giving Away 3000 JPY To New Customers

Janbox Is Giving Away 3000 JPY To New Customers

Date: 10/09/2021-05/03/2022 Janbox has designed an incredibly appealing "Giveaway 3000 JPY for New Customers" to give a better experience for new users. Find out right...
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