Kose Sunscreen Review: Which types should you use? [2024]


In this article, Janbox will give you the honest thoughts through this Japanese Kose sunscreen review, so that everyone may make an informed decision. Despite being lauded by numerous advertising shops for its efficacy, ladies are still somewhat hesitant to purchase Kose milk sunscreen due to its slightly higher price.

Since I have tried several different sunscreen brands, my review should be unbiased. Thus, this Kose Sunscreen review will help you determine besides Kose sunscreen spray, whether Kose milk or gel sunscreen is a good match for your skin type.

To begin our Kose Sunscreen review, let’s learn more about the brand and its product.

I/ About Kose Japan

6 months after the conclusion of World War II in 1945, the Japanese cosmetics company Kose was founded. After starting off modestly, Kose has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the cosmetics industry. Kose cosmetics are not just well-known in Japan, but also across the globe.

About Kose Japan

Kose offers a wide variety of product lines ranging from affordable to luxurious. In this context, Kose’s Sekkisei beauty products must be mentioned. These premium whiteners are made with gentle, natural herb extracts that are suitable for use by everyone, including pregnant women and those with hypersensitive skin. Sekkisei Kose’s success has given the brand a new image: A beacon of pure, snowy white beauty amid the land of cherry blossoms.

Authentic Kose cosmetics are being imported and sold in numerous countries. Kose Sekkisei goods are of great quality (Japanese products produced for Japanese consumers, exclusively available in Japan), and the price is not exorbitant. However, Kose’s official imported items sold at huge commercial centers like Takashimaya are several times more than Japanese domestic Kose cosmetics.

II/ About Kose Sunscreen

Women with oily skin are understandably reluctant to use sunscreen throughout the summer. Even though you are well aware of the need to use sun protection, you tend to be “lazy” and put off doing so out of a fear of the greasy, unpleasant sensation that usually follows.

After recognizing this need, the Japanese cosmetics company Kose has introduced a high-performance sunscreen tailored specifically to oily skin: Kose white uv milk sunscreen (also known as Kose Sekkisei sun guard essence milk sunscreen). Oil is kept under control, black stains are faded, and protection from the sun is provided.

When I write the Kose Sunscreen Review, I found out that there are two popular types when mentioning Kose Sunscreen: The milk and gel type. These milk and gel substances are somewhat comparable. 

About Kose Sunscreen Review

In addition to competing brands, Kose’s offerings are also competitive within the company’s own product families. With just a glance, you can tell it apart because of the unique color scheme used in conjunction with the brand’s emblem and other identifying elements.

White spots, squashing, and other typical sunscreen drawbacks just aren’t present here. The time it takes for milk to absorb into the skin is on the order of just seconds. In addition, it works well as a base for cosmetics.

Kose white UV milk sunscreen’s ability to lighten and even out skin tone is a major selling point. Acne scars, dark spots, and freckles may be diminished with regular application of the Japanese sunscreen Kose milk over a period of many months.

People who used Kose Japanese sunscreen for an extended period of time reported that their skin became noticeably lighter without the usage of any additional skin whitening treatments.

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III/ Super Kose Sunscreen Review from A to Z

1. Kose Sunscreen Review: The packaging

To begin the Kose Sunscreen review, Kose’s sunscreen comes from a variety of different places, each of which has its unique packaging. Since I only got the Japanese domestic Kose sunscreen bottle, I will focus my evaluation here on the Japanese Kose white UV milk sunscreen bottle.

Skincare products made in Japan have always come in minimal, unimaginative packaging. So, if you see a bottle of Kose milk sunscreen in a plastic bag, you shouldn’t immediately assume that it’s an unusual kind. Kose sunscreen, like many other Japanese skin care products, is revised every year or two. It used to be called Kose Sekkisei sun protect essence milk sunscreen, but the name has been updated to Kose white UV milk sunscreen.

Super Kose Sunscreen Review

The sunscreen bottle inside is mostly the same despite the outside plastic bag’s many names and designs. Product packaging still consists of a rigid plastic bottle with a white top and a dark blue body. The blue Kose sunscreen container is thick, durable, and substantial; it befits the great quality of the substance it contains.

The Kose sunscreen container from Japan has a twist-off cover that makes applying and removing the product a breeze. Easily resealing the product after usage prevents any accidental leakage while in transit. In addition, Japanese Kose sunscreen has a beautiful, high-end appearance that makes it a perfect complement to the compact cosmetic case that most women carry with them at all times.

Kose Japan sunscreen bottles provide a wealth of information on the product’s ingredients, how to apply it, and the company itself on the back of the box, but it’s all in Japanese. Those looking to purchase things made in the USA should do so at a respected retailer where they can ask questions and obtain comprehensive product documentation.

When you shake the Japanese sunscreen Kose milk bottle, you’ll hear the clatter of pebbles within. It is a 2-layer sunscreen; thus, the container must be shaken well before use. This marble has the effect of blending the sunscreen’s milk and oil layers so that after application, the sunscreen from Kose Sekkisei feels silky and absorbs fast without leaving a greasy behind.

2. Kose Sunscreen Review: Scent

Kose Sunscreen Review-Scent

The second factor in this Kose Sunscreen review – Scent. Except for a subtle alcohol aroma, Kose Sekkisei essence milk sunscreen has practically no discernible scent. When you first open the Kose-medicated Sekkisei milk sunscreen bottle, you may notice a strong alcoholic fragrance. However, the odor disappears after a few seconds and is not overpowering.

If you’re accustomed to using Japanese domestic sunscreens, you won’t mind the scent of Kose milk sunscreen. Dry alcohol is a popular component in Japanese sunscreens for oily acne-prone skin. If you are very sensitive to odors, however, you may want to wait a few seconds after taking the Sekkisei white UV milk sunscreen into your hands for the alcohol scent to dissipate before putting it on your face.

3. Kose Sunscreen Review: The ingredients

Thirdly, ingredients – should not be missed in any Kose Sunscreen review. Kose milk sunscreen is a premium product that will wow even the pickiest of young ladies. This newborn won’t cause skin dryness because of its high-quality components. When used, it leaves the skin feeling soft and looking radiant. However, the sped-up mood will last only a few hours.

When analyzing the ingredients for the Kose Sunscreen Review, the Kose Milk sunscreen contains both the mineral sunscreen Zinc Oxide and the chemical sunscreen Octinoxate, making it a hybrid sunscreen. Hyaluronic acid, chamomile extract, vitamin e, and squalane are also present, and they are all quite beneficial. Unfortunately, it also includes Ethanol and a variety of irritants.

Kose Sunscreen Review-The ingredients

Here are some bright ingredients of the Kose sunscreen:

– Tocopherol, a derivative of vitamin E, is an effective antioxidant that prevents moisture loss without drying the skin. That’s why even though it’s formulated for oily skin, Kose sunscreen won’t strip the skin of its natural oils, so it won’t make your face feel tight and dry.

– Cyclomethicone: aids the cream’s rapid penetration into the skin, helps to produce a smooth surface and is very water resistant. As a result of its excellent safety profile, Cyclomethicone is often employed in the high-quality Japanese cosmetics market.

4. Kose Sunscreen Review: Overall experience

To close up the Kose Sunscreen review, here is my experience withthe Kose milk sunscreen.

  • Firstly, an alcoholic odor hit me as soon as I opened the milk. In any case, the alcoholic odor will dissipate rapidly. I don’t mind the odor of rubbing alcohol, so I liberally apply it; however, those who are sensitive to it should take note and wait for it to evaporate before continuing.
  • Secondly, high-end sunscreens are indeed unlike any others out there—they’re lightweight, non-greasy, and fast absorbing. While my oily, acne-prone skin isn’t exactly gentle, I put it through the ringer daily. Each application simply has only a little amount of milk, yet it will cover your whole face well. 
  • Perhaps it would be best to keep the application away from your eyes lest you risk a painful sting. Immediately after applying, your skin will be around one tone lighter and as smooth as if it were coated in a moisture layer. 
  • After an hour or so, the skin tone will naturally return to normal. However, through the experience to write the Kose Sunscreen Review, I realise that the product doesn’t prevent oil production, it doesn’t irritate the skin either. You can wear it all day with no white splotches. 

Acne may be entirely avoided by meticulously removing all traces of makeup every night. I don’t usually do skincare since this product has amazing skincare components, but if I forget, I simply use rose water first and then Kose sunscreen. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all. 

This sunscreen does not hold up well against drift. However, if you go to the beach, you must reapply it constantly to avoid sunburn. It’s adequate for regular usage.

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IV/ Which type should you use: Gel or Milk Kose Sunscreen?

When considering which Kose sunscreen to purchase, two distinct collections stand out. Do you know how to choose the right Kose sunscreen for your skin type? Let’s compare and contrast the characteristics of the various types in this Kose Sunscreen Review.

When it comes to broad-spectrum protection, I look for a sunscreen that is quickly absorbed, does not leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy, and does not cause any irritation. With regards to Kose sunscreen, I have tried both of their brands and can confidently recommend either one.

1. Kose Sunscreen Review: Milk Type

This Kose Sunscreen is the epitome of the conventional housewife. Milk product range for oily to mixed skin. This newborn essential is waterproof and includes jojoba seed oil, a natural emollient, to keep skin soft and supple. Since I spend a lot of time in the sun, I use this whenever I go outside. Because of its light consistency, this milk is simple to spread.

Kose Sunscreen Milk Type

It smells fine. However, I must admit that the alcoholic odor takes some time. The more you use it, the more noticeable it becomes. Even though I know the components are safe, I just can’t get accustomed to the smell. 

Compared between gel and milk in this Kose Sunscreen review, this type is easily absorbed, does not result in thinning, and is very user-friendly. This buddy’s shell is made to Japanese specifications. Thus, it offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. Only the alcohol content is why I don’t enjoy it.

The price for this milk type is around $21 when I bought it, slightly higher than the gel counterpart. However, compared to other high-quality Japanese sunscreens, this one rather steals my heart.

2. Kose Sunscreen Review: Gel Type

This one is appropriate for those with dry or combination skin. The cream is packaged in a tube, and unlike milk products, you don’t have to wait for the gel to dry before using it. 

The micro-particle of gel nature makes it ideal for use on all skin types; it provides long-lasting protection from UV rays without leaving any sticky residue, even after repeated applications. In most cases, dry or mixed skin.

Kose Sunscreen Gel Type

Parsol SLX, an anti-UVB active ingredient, allows the product not only to defend against sunlight but also hydrate, chill, assist skin whitening, and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

When you leave, a layer of comforting moisture is left behind on the skin. Ladies who have dry skin may find this helpful information. The thick consistency of the gel makes it to be an effective moisturizer.

This Kose sunscreen is better than milk-based options since it is gel-based. Some people may find that this variant reduces their sensitivity to the smell of alcohol. Evidently, not much of the lotion penetrated your skin.

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V/ Where to buy Kose Sunscreen?

To buy Kose sunscreen, it’s best to check local cosmetic stores to buy authentic products if you are staying in Japan. Otherwise, the product is abundant in many e-commerce sites such as eBay, and Amazon,… so international residents are welcomed to buy.

The Kose sunscreen from Japan are widely available on the market, making shopping easier than ever. However, there are many counterfeit and fake sellers that consumers find it difficult to distinguish. Therefore, to buy genuine Kose sunscreen products from Japan, you need to choose reputable sellers.

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Final Verdict

I hope that my Kose sunscreen review is helpful for you in deciding on which type to buy and whether it is worth the investment. To sum up, I like them both, but the gel is more flexible and the milk is better for sports and other activities in the great outdoors. The liquid milk has an alcoholic smell, yet it absorbs quickly and easily. On the other hand, gel products have a light, pleasant aroma. Milk is used daily for those with oily skin, whereas gel is more appropriate for those with dry skin.

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