Spread The Love On Valentine Day


Many individuals all across the world are looking forward to Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14th. This is the most important festival in Europe, especially in America, to celebrate love and friendship. This special day is similar to China’s Quixi festival and Japan’s White Day. Couples exchange significant presents as a way to show their love and feelings on this day. The more practical the present, the more it demonstrates the giver’s thought process and compassion when it comes to caring for and taking care of his or her companion.

As a result, Janbox will be your reliable companion as you search for the most suitable and romantic presents for your loved one (or for yourself) by giving suggestions. Let’s find out top-seeking gifts on Valentine’s day season 2022 with us…



Valentine’s Day is a time to pull out all the stops for the woman you love most. Flower deliveries and heart-shaped chocolates are great and all, but they can come across — hate to say it — a little lazy. This year, go with one of these totally unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her to shower your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom with the kind of love she deserves.

Kikunoya’s Confection Box

This gift will satisfy even the most discerning receivers, not just in terms of meaning but also in terms of taste.

Kobe White Chocolate Strawberries

Tasty, Cute, Healthy… NGL nothing need to discuss this stunning combo

Mt Fuji Glass

This is a present with a sense of elegance. Each piece of glassware is handcrafted to perfectly reflect the shape of the emblematic Mt Fuji

Animal Cute Cups

A popular present that has recently won the hearts of cup and animal lovers. Every time you complete glass of water, cute pets will arrive. 

Kibi Dango

If traditional sweets are more your Valentine’s thing, you can’t go wrong with this adorably packaged Kibi Dango from Okayama.

Jewelry Box Antique

These precious lacquer jewelry boxes can most certainly vouch. As a gift, they are not only beautiful but practical, too.


Top-seeking Japanese watches with high-quality and suitable prices for any age group will be perfect gifts for her not only on Valentine’s day but also in daily life

Bags and Purses

Handbags and backpacks are important accessories to have in your closet. Bags are not only functional, but they also convey a person’s style.


You’ve shown to your lover that gift-giving is your love language time and time again — and then Valentine’s Day arrives. The pressure is on to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present for him, something meaningful, unique, and totally non-cheesy.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch Lite takes things a step further and gives you the freedom of a true on-the-go playing experience.

irobot 900 Series

This is the best gift for one who doesn’t like housework. You can still do your things while letting irobot do the cleaning part for you.

Qrio Smart Lock

If you are the type to go forgetting about your keys, then, this gadget ‘Qrio Smart Lock’ is the best choice for you.

LG Home Cinema Projector

Easy installation, no image restrictions, easy portability, and cost savings for you are the advantages of home cinema projectors.

Nanami Fast Charge

If you are looking for the best wireless charger for iPhone and android that is inexpensive but provides the power you need, go for the Nanami Fast Wireless Charger

Car Partial

This suggestion is for one who is looking for a fun or functional gift for the car lover in your life but doesn’t know where to start.

Anime Figures

Goods related to your favorite anime series are thoughtful gifts for individuals who are interested in Japanese culture and the anime world


Janbox has compiled a list of trustworthy companies as well as popular product models from Japan to help you pick gifts for your loved ones.

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