8 Easy Tips To Ship With Mercari


Mercari is an e-commerce platform operating in Japan and specializing in selling secondhand products. Now ‘secondhand’ may not sound very fancy but worry not as Mercari is well-known for always providing items with guaranteed quality and that’s what makes it a household name with an extremely large number of buyers. Spend a few minutes to read these 8 easy tips to ship with Mercari and make shopping easier than ever.

How does Mercari shipping work?

8 easy tips to ship with Mercari

If you are new to this Mercari e-commerce platform, you might have questions like: “How do you ship with Mercari?”. Let’s find out how.

You can simply list your products for sale on Mercari, then choose the right shipping label, shipping service, and a suitable shipping box. Next, ship the items to the buyers through your shipping providers or Mercari carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx. You also do not need to leave your home as someone from Mercari’s delivery service will pick up your items to pack and ship. Plus, if you are too busy to set a certain time of the day to pack, you can choose to ship via Mercari’s UPS.

Mercari shipping options

How many options for shipping that Mercari provides? The answer is 3 main methods.

1. Ship on your own

Ship on your own Mercari is an option that will save your budget significantly. For packages larger than 150lbs or approximately 45 inches in length, it is recommended that you ship on your own. Why should you do so? First, choosing the shipping method gives you the freedom to partner with your own shipping providers. Second, you will have different price list options to compare and choose the most economical and suitable for you.

All you need to do is enter your order information on Mercari as well as let the buyer know about the tracking number. Then, this e-commerce platform will provide you with order tracking information and shipping address. Therefore, it will be easier for you to get the information about your package and make buyers trust you more.

This is a shipping method that a separate shipping label will be on your own. However, you need to pay a fee if there are items over 20lbs.

2. Prepaid Label

For those who sell in US markets or do not know how to choose a reliable shipping provider, use Mercari’s Prepaid Label method. You can save up to 60% on Flat Rates when choosing retail services but also get reduced postage rates.

In this form of shipping, you will work with UPS, USPS, and FedEx. You will receive an email with a prepaid shipping label with product size and weight information. The buyer may pay the shipping fee if you note when listing the product on Mercari. The label fee will be charged based on the size and weight of the order. You will have to list the items that need to be shipped, ensuring the correct weight and type. Then pack the product and print the label and stick it on the package to be sent. The package will be picked up and sent by UPS, USPS, or FedEx according to the schedule confirmed on Mercari’s order tracking application.

Requirements for your package when using this shipping method are a maximum length of 45 inches, a maximum width of 20 inches, and a weight of 150lbs. If the length is higher than the specified length, you will be charged an additional fee of $120.

Shipping through Prepaid Label is safe because you will have $200 in insurance for your order in transit. This means that within 3 days of delivery if your order is lost you will receive the benefits of Mercari’s shipping insurance policy.

3. Mercari Pack & Ship

Another option for you if you do not want to use prepaid labels is Mercari Pack & Ship service. This will be the ideal choice for you if you have too many orders and do not have enough time to pack. Do not worry, Mercari will help you pack your packages with the professionalism recognized by UPS Store®.

If you are dealing with bulky, fragile items, then use Mercari Pack & Ship as this convenient service can handle all large packages easily and quickly. In addition, you will still be guaranteed a condition in this form of shipping that is receiving a $200 shipping insurance package and package tracking.

Moreover, this shipping method will be suitable for those of you who do business in the US market because the shipping fee for all 50 states will be the same, you will not need to choose the shipping method again for each different location.

This form of shipping is suitable for transporting large, fragile, bulky items. The allowable order weight to use this form is 150lbs.

Once the item is sold, you will receive an email with a UPS shipping code. Send this shipping code with your closed package to your nearest UPS store. The carrier will be responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer as well as updating the shipping status of the packages for the customer.

Mercari Shipping Price

Tracking shipping rates on Mercari will help you choose the most appropriate and accurate shipping method for your needs. You will also not need to spend too much on paying shipping fees if you know the following formula:

Total weight = length x width x height

Shipping cost = total weight /139 (average shipping estimate)

The factors that affect shipping costs are the weight of the package, the price list of the shipping service providers. One thing you should remember is that the price list is constantly changing, so you need to check it carefully to calculate the shipping costs and save your budget.

Below is the current price list, there might be changes in the future.

Packages 8oz and under$ 4.60$ 9.99$ 9.99
Packages 9oz to 1lb(16oz)$ 4.99$ 9.99$ 9.99
Packages 1lb 1oz to 3lbs$ 11.00$ 11.00$ 9.99
Packages 3lbs 1oz to 5lbs$ 17.00$ 12.50$ 9.99
Packages 5lbs 1oz to 10lbs$ 17.00$ 12.50$ 13.00
Packages 10lbs 1oz to 20lbs$ 35.00$  17.00$ 17.25
Packages 20lbs 1oz to 30lbsUnavailable$ 35.00$ 30.00
Packages 30lbs 1oz to 40lbsUnavailable$ 44.00$30.00
Packages 40lbs 1oz to 50lbsUnavailable$ 44.00$ 45.00
Packages 50lbs 1oz to 60lbsUnavailable$ 60.00$ 65.00

8 easy tips to ship with Mercari:

  1. Choose items for sale with short shipping times. The reason is that with shipping methods applicable to Mercari, delivery will be within 3 days from the date of sale. Always inform the shipping period or contact the customer to negotiate if the goods exceed the delivery time. You will be judged as dedicated, carefully tracking each order.
  2. To save time and shipping costs, you can arrange packages with the same shipping address to be shipped at the same time. This is both convenient for you as well as the carrier to be able to get the delivery status and avoid missing items. In addition, splitting items into smaller packages will help you reduce shipping costs significantly.
  3. Manage and arrange goods to be sent in a professional and organized way. If you pack the wrong item, you will be fully responsible for the mistake of this item. To avoid confusion, you can use the package boxes of different colors or each package should have a separate shipping label.
  4. Before sending the goods, you should check the shipping label, package weight carefully to avoid additional costs incurred if errors occur during transportation. Alternatively, you can include a thank you note to the buyer in your package. This will make a good impression on the buyer and it is possible that on the next purchase, the buyer will voluntarily pay the shipping fee on your behalf.
  5. Always update the Mercari app. Because older versions may be missing some additional conditions after service updates or conditions for shipping protection. In addition, the price list or current and discontinued lists will also be updated regularly. So, it will not be useless if you take the time to update Mercari.
  6. If you are reusing the box that has already been shipped, you should remove the old shipping labels to avoid confusing the shipping process and incur additional penalties.
  7. When choosing shipping methods on Mercari, you can schedule a delivery person to pick up your goods at home. You need to make sure to put the correct quantity and volume of items. Weighing and making lists to record the packages that go out during the day is one way to minimize loss of goods as well as speed up shipping.
  8. You need to fill in all information on the form given by the carrier as well as carefully check each information before signing. It will not be superfluous if you pay attention to every little detail.

Follow the tips above to be able to transport goods through Mercari in a completely transparent, clear and error-free way.

The best Mercari shipping options and rates

For those who sell second-hand goods on Mercari platform, the best shipping option is still to use the shipping services that Mercari offers. Its shipping options always meet the needs of sellers and buyers, and also control the delivery process quickly and specifically.

The shipping insurance for lost or damaged items is absolutely safe for sellers when the shipping protection fee is up to $200.

Hopefully, with the information above, you have found the answer to the question of how to ship through Mercari. Choose the method that is the best for you, along with our 8 easy and free tips to ship with Mercari and get the benefits of shopping with Mercari right away. Join the community and save money now!