How to buy Anime items online from Donguri Sora

donguri sora in jp

Unfortunately, the Donguri Sora online store does not provide worldwide shipping. In this situation, Neokyo is useful. Making purchase requests on Janbox makes it simple to get licensed Ghibli Studios items.

What is Donguri Sora? 

All fans should undoubtedly visit the Donguri Sora shops, and Ghibli shopping trips can be readily organized on most trips to Japan because there are so many stores conveniently located all across the nation. The official Studio Ghibli retail locations, which are mostly found in Japan, are known as Donguri Sora in Japanese. It is a network of stores that is almost only focused on the by-products of the animation studio that is affiliated with the Benelic Group.

A large Totoro is typically the first thing you notice upon entering the store. While many of the things are sold in all of these locations, some are exclusively found in particular ones. Both children and adults will find everything they need in the shops, which specialize in soft toys and figurines of all sizes. There are also a ton of other items with designs inspired by Miyazaki and Takahata’s movies, including bags, key chains, tableware, linen, accessories, and utensils of all kinds. Additionally, there is a sizable selection of baby items, and of course, you can purchase all of the movies on DVD and Blu-Ray.

How to buy Donguri Sora products online

Get your ideal Ghibli products through the following detailed 7 steps with Janbox. 


Step 1: Visit the official Donguri Sora website

There is no denying that Donguri Sora is a website designed for Studio Ghibli enthusiasts once you visit the homepage. To access the website, you can type “Donguri Sora English” or the “Donguri Sora jp” keyword. We’re sure you are familiar with the colors and characters on the website. Browse the things on the site whether you want to purchase them straight from it. If so, follow the following few instructions to do so. Searching for them with Janbox, which is accessible with just one click, is a simple alternative method.

Step 2: Find the items

By copying and pasting the URL of the product, you may locate products if you are looking for something in particular. You will then be sent to a page where you can view more of their inventory.


We also advise utilizing the search box while looking for things. You must enter the Japanese name of the item or film you’re looking for merchandise. Additionally, we strongly advise keeping the checkbox on 在庫ありのみ表示する, which will limit the search results to goods that are currently in stock.

Step 3: Double-check your items 

Once you have selected your desired items, please double-check the details related to their quantity, color, and size of them. All of this information will be prominently shown in the product’s title and description. We strongly advise you to carefully read these prerequisites before making a purchase.

The colorful symbols above the product image may have caught your eye. The one to pay attention to the most is 予約商品. This indicates that you are pre-ordering the item, and the item details provide the release date (お届け予定). It will debut for this wallet around the middle of November 2021.


Donguri Sora offers a helpful sizing chart for apparel that lists measures in centimeters. The arrows let you know which portion is being measured even if you do not know how to read Japanese. For instance,  着丈 is determining the shirt’s length from the neck to the hem.

Examine the item’s cost as well as any relevant VAT and domestic shipping costs. This information is often given by the seller. There will be products that are free of domestic delivery fees and VAT. You will, however, be required to cover these two additional prices for some purchases. You must thus pay attention to this subject as well.

You may view the product’s pricing on the product page, which will automatically include the 10% Japanese consumption tax. The remaining information may be pasted into Google Translate to give you a general understanding of the item specifics.

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Step 4: Create a Janbox account 

You may sign up for Janbox using your Google or Facebook account or by entering your email address and password. Janbox provides 6 language options for clients to make purchasing simpler: English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Taiwanese. It will be easier for you to register and search.


Step 5: Make an order 

If you are satisfied with the goods, please click “BUY NOW” to make a purchase. You need to register for a Janbox account before you can proceed with the purchase process. Now all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your data. Click “ADD TO Basket” to add anything else you wish to buy to your shopping basket.

Step 6: Complete the Janbox payment 

You must pay the price of the order you just placed after completing the order form at Janbox. Janbox takes two alternative forms of payment:

  • Option 1: Pay using your Janbox wallet. It suggests that you’ll add money to Janbox’s wallet. One yen is equivalent to one point. When you pay for your order using this method, Janbox will immediately deduct the necessary number of points. Your next order will be covered by the points you still have remaining.
  • Option 2: You may use PayPal or a credit card to make a payment. Only the sum that is equal to the order value has to be sent to Janbox. The deal is finished at this point.

Step 7: Choose a delivery method and make a payment for shipping

After your order has been delivered to the Janbox warehouse, you will get an email. You must now let us know whether there are any other services, like consolidation, checking, repacking, etc., that you would want to choose. The next step is to choose a shipping way. Your order will be delivered earlier than expected.


The item will be sent to your address when you have finished making the payment. Each shipping method comes with a tracking number. You will receive this number, and you may check the Janbox website to see how your order is progressing. The delivery period is between 7 and 10 days. The delivery method you choose will affect it. The only thing left to do is pay for the shipping and wait for the items to arrive.


It should come as no surprise that the merchandising for Donguri Sora is equally as artistic and lovely as the Studio Ghibli films. The Donguri Sora online store is really comprehensive; you will find things there that you did not even realize you needed! We will assist you in obtaining them through Janbox, from adorable plushies and figurines to gorgeous jewelry, outfits, and daily stuff!