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SIM2Fly アジア33カ国 / 周遊プリペイドSIM /データSIMカード 8日間 4G・3Gデータ通信 6GB

SIM2Fly アジア33カ国 / 周遊プリペイドSIM /データSIMカード 8日間 4G・3Gデータ通信 6GB

From: Janbox
1,400 ¥

プリペイドSIMカード 180日20GBプラン[Iプラン] 長期格安プラン 日本国内用

プリペイドSIMカード 180日20GBプラン[Iプラン] 長期格安プラン 日本国内用

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5,380 ¥

プリペイド電話 050IP電話アカウント 番号発行 ユーザーIDとパスワード発行 国際電話カード Eメール受信で納品完了 在宅勤務 海外旅行に最適 コロナウィルス対策

プリペイド電話 050IP電話アカウント 番号発行 ユーザーIDとパスワード発行 国際電話カード Eメール受信で納品完了 在宅勤務 海外旅行に最適 コロナウィルス対策

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3,600 ¥
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One-time payment

Users only need to make a one-time payment, save the time from purchasing to receiving.

Áp dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI)
Artificial intelligence (AI)

Smart shopping suggestions, help users save time on searching, able to purchase directly on the homepage.

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Easy and convenient payment

A variety of worldwide used payment methods including MasterCard, Alipay, Paypal, Visa...

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Smart mobile application

Available on iOS and Android, offers the easiest and most convenient experience.

Kho vận & hậu cần hiện đại, chính xác
Advanced & accurate logistics & fulfillment

Absolutely accurate with Cubiscan's conveyor system, electronic scales, measuring package dimensions using sound waves.

Dịch vụ kho chuyên nghiệp
Professional warehouse service

Free order consolidation & storage. Other services include taking pictures, package protection, special packing, sending visual notices of packages to email.

What is Janbox?

Janbox – Cross Border Ecommerce Platform. Help customers buy & auction billions of products from Japan, USA. Send goods to more than 220 countries around the world quickly, conveniently, optimize shipping costs with free repack service. Simple and easy shopping process with just 4 steps:

Step 01
Search Items and check price
Search for your favourite items and buy it or place a bid. Confirm item’s price and service fee.
Step 02
2. Check out item
The first charge for your order: Item’s price, Service fee...
Wait for items to arrive Janbox's warehouse
  • Free consolidation
  • Free 45 days storage
  • Photo service: 300¥
  • Inspection & Insurance: 500¥
  • Protective Packaging Service
Step 03
The second Charge
Select Shipping method and Pay for your International shipping fee and Optional service Fee, Domestic shipping fee.
Step 04
4. Get your Package delivered
Enjoy your nicely packaged items from Japan.

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