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Be the first to get ¥300 in your wallet - Download Janbox mobile App


Janbox has designed an incredibly appealing “Giveaway ¥300 for Downloading Janbox Mobile App” to give a better experience for new users. Find out right now! 
- The voucher only applies to user who has never downloaded Janbox App before.
- The money can not be transferred to cash
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Janbox is giving away 3000 JPY to new customers


Janbox has designed an incredibly appealing “Giveaway 3000 JPY for New Customers” to give a better experience for new users. Find out right now! 
Note that promo codes may expire shortly due to limited supplies and only apply to new Janbox customers.

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Grand Seiko watches sale off 10% only at Rakuten


Grand Seiko is famous for one of the top 2 luxury watch brands in Japan. This is a sub-brand of Seiko and was officially launched in December 1960. Grand Seiko has a wide range of products from watch movements to materials and perfectly manufactured from Japan. This makes Grand Seiko a masterpiece that everyone grasps for.

Good news for those who are interested in Grand Seiko, the brand is on 10% sale off for various product lines only at Rakuten. So what are you waiting for? quickly get the item's links and paste them to Ezbuy's search bar so as to own these masterpieces.

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Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors SALE UPTO 70% at Amazon


Can't take the eyes off serious masterpieces from Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, ... sparkling, charming with sale prices up to 70% only at Amazon. A once-in-a-thousand-year opportunity for fashionistas, what a pity if you miss it!!! Quickly access the catalog links below to get big sales right now!

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