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Dear Janbox customers,

Janbox would like to sincerely thank customers for accompanying and trusting Janbox's products and services during the past time.

Janbox will upgrade the system between 23:00 on 07/06/2023 and 06:00 on 08/08/2023 in order to increase the quality of products and services and better satisfy the demands of clients.

Please keep in mind that Janbox has meticulously planned to minimize the impact on customers' transactions. However, owing to the technical needs of the system update process, some Janbox features and services may be temporarily suspended for a short period of time.

If you have any further assistance needed, kindly contact us via:

Fanpage: Janbox : Buy From Japan Service

Email: support@janbox.com

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to receiving your understanding.

The system will operate normally after the maintenance period

Thank you for using our service!!!

Best regard,




Dear Customers,

Firstly, Janbox would like to thank you for your trust in using our service during the past time.

In order for you to stay informed and take the initiative in shopping during Japan's golden week, Janbox would like to announce the specific flight schedule as follows:

Holiday schedule:

Holiday time

Time back to work

From May 3rd - May 5th 2023

May 6th 2023

Cut-off schedule:


Last goods-receipt date 

Last delivery date

First delivery date after holiday


April 27th, 2023

April 28th, 2023

May 6th, 2023

Note: You can shop and get supports on Janbox as normal and the domestic shipping will still take place during the holiday.

Janbox's Japanese warehouse will start receiving and shipping goods again on May 6th. Please note the time to send the shipment to our warehouse so that we can ensure the progress of customs clearance and international shipping.

Best regards!

Janbox team.

Announcement of Lunar New Year Holiday 2023


Dear our lovely customers,

In order to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers on the occasion of Lunar New Year 2023, we are happy to inform our holiday schedule as follows:

Holiday period

Reopening time

From 21/1/2023 to 24/1/2023 

Wednesday - 25/1/2023 

During the holiday period, shipping activities from Japan will be slower than usual. However, shopping and supporting activities at Janbox are still operating normally.

Announcement of Janbox Ver. 2.5 Update


Dear our customers, 

After carefully considering customer feedback, Janbox would like to announce the update of Janbox 2.5 function from 11 am on September 13, 2022. Details of the update are as follows:

1.  Janbox Desktop 2.5

  • Update the new interface for "Order management" (combine "Order management" and "Package management" into one)
  • Present the package and order data in tabs (Pending, In progress, In storage, Shipping, Reviews, Canceled)
  • For Vietnamese customers:

→ Remove Package Consolidation Service.

→ Be able to pay for one or more packages simultaneously in the second payment. 

→ The goods delivery notes will be automatically created after completing the payment.

  • For international customers:

→ Remain Package Consolidation Service.

→ Remove goods delivery notes


2. Phone Apps & Phone Browser

  • Update the new interface of the entire application.
  • Update order management features, and packages.
  • Update cart, checkout.
  • Fix bugs, and optimize products.

With the above updates, we hope to bring a better shopping experience to every customer!

Best regards,

Janbox team.


Announcement of Obon Holiday (Aug 13 - Aug 15)


Dear Customers,

Obon is a traditional Japanese festival, in which families reunite and gather together. Japanese have a long holiday to come back home on these days. 

Janbox would like to inform customers of the holiday time as follow:

1. Holiday time: From August 13 to August 15, 2022

2. Shipping activities within Japan and from Japan at Janbox will be slower during the holiday period. Other delivery activities are still taking place as usual.

3. From August 16, Janbox warehouse in Japan is back to normal operation.

4. You can still make purchases on Janbox's app/website during the holiday period.

Best regards.

Janbox extension - A tool helps you quickly buy goods in just 3 simple steps


Janbox extension - A tool helps you quickly buy goods in just 3 simple steps

Janbox launched a Chrome extension to help you make purchases directly on e-commerce sites without going back to Janbox's website to add products to your cart.

Janbox extension helps you save time and buy several products from one or more shopping sites but only pay once.

—> Learn more about how to purchase with Janbox extension here.

—> Install Janbox extension here.

100% Free Service Fee + Save up to 15,000 VND for each kg of a package in April


Unlimited Order - Free Service

Janbox gives you the offer of a 100% Free Service Fee + Save up to 15,000 VND  for each kg of a package in April.

Enjoy an incredible cross-border shopping experience with deals only available at Janbox.

**Note: Save up to 15,000 VND on the delivery fee is only applied for shipping from Japan to Vietnam.

Shopping in April to get your favorite items at the most affordable price!


Applicable time: April 1st - May 1st, 2022

Applicable objects: For all customers and unlimited packages

Applicable routes for free service fee: From Japan to Vietnam, From the global to Vietnam, From Japan to the global

Get more information about the service fees here.

Get more information about the international delivery fee from Japan here.

Get more information about the international delivery fees from America here.

Janbox Fees Notification

Dear valued Janbox clients,
Janbox would like to send our appreciation to clients who have trusted and used our services 
Janbox has officially modified various costs for Customer Transactions as of January 8 2022 as follows:
1.  DHL shipping fee
Please check the DHL shipping fee information Here
2.  Janbox service fees

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Janbox has designed an incredibly appealing “Giveaway 3000 JPY for New Customers” to give a better experience for new users. Find out right now! 
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