Inspection Service

1. What is the inspection service?

Inspection service is the process of checking, classifying, and reporting the actual quantity of items during the delivery process when the seller delivers the items to the Janbox warehouse. The Inspection service applies to packages with several items, this is the evidence for customers to calculate the actual amount of package received and a basis for complaints and compensation of buyers.
After finishing the checking process, we will provide customers via email with a complete report about the quantity and quality of the goods. Please check and confirm the information within 2 days. After 2 days, the package will be delivered internationally. 

2. Inspection service fee

Inspection service fee: 300 JPY/3$.

3. Terms and Policies 

a. It is not possible to cancel the inspection service after applied
Inspection service cannot be canceled for any reason once you have used it in the ordering process. Please keep this in mind before using it.

b. Using inspection service and other optional services at the same time
Customers can use inspection service and other optional services at the same time, such as photo service and protective packaging. These services are integrated and selected simultaneously in the ordering process at Janbox.

c. If the checking report is different from your order information, please contact us
For items using inspection service at Janbox's warehouse, if the customer sees that the checking report is different from the order (size, color, quantity, status, etc.), please contact Janbox customer support department via email.

d. Janbox does not support checking the same order for the second time.
Basically, Janbox does not accept checking items again for any reason. If the checking report is different from your order quantity, please send a question or contact Janbox customer support via email [email protected].

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