About J-Points

1. What is J-Points?

J-points is a virtual currency of Janbox and is used to pay when we make purchases on Janbox. When using J-Points (Janbox Points) to pay for orders, you can pay for multiple orders at once instead of paying for each order individually when using PayPal.

2. How to get J-Points

2.1 How to deposit J-Points to Janbox Wallet

Step 1: Go to your personal page then click on “Deposit Points’’.

Step 2: Deposit J-Points by PayPal.
  • Select the deposit method by PayPal and enter the points amount and click on “Deposit Points’’.
  • * Note: 1 J-Points = 1 JPY and deposit at least 100 points.
  • After that, you need to add one PayPal account or select the available Paypal account you’ve submitted to deposit.
  • Paypal will ask you to enter a verification code before depositing.
  • The screen will show “Deposit points successfully’’ notice. Please check your transaction history on “Janbox Wallet’’ on your page.

    2.2 How to get J-Points by promotion Program

    Get J-Points from promotions such as cashback international shipping fee, tax sale. 
    • Buy membership level to receive offers from promotions.
    • Accumulate from purchases on the system. The more you buy, the faster you will reach a high membership level.
    → Customer Loyalty Program

    3. Term & Condition

    • Customers can use J-Points to pay any fees on Janbox.com instead of paying by credit/debit card or Paypal.
    • J-Points cannot be refunded for any reason.
    • If you bid with J-Points, the points corresponding to your bid will be temporarily withheld until the auction ends. When you win an auction, the price you place is automatically deducted from the Janbox wallet.

    → Customer Loyalty Program

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