Supporting policy for late delivery than expected

The transportation of goods takes place on a large scale between countries, so your order will inevitably arrive later than usual.

1. Reasons for late arrival:

- The goods are transported on the cargo planes, so the delay is related to the delay of the airline flight, due to bad weather. The maintenance schedule of the airline, long transit times, and natural disasters, cannot be controlled.
- Seller sends goods later than announced: Available products do not match at the time of purchase and delivery, therefore leading to the cancellation of orders or repurchases.
- Seller sends goods with different codes, different models, incorrect orders, an incorrect description that lead to late arrival than expected due to waiting time for seller complaints, refunding and waiting to send new products
- Goods are lost during transportation.
- Customs clearance time is longer than expected: Due to the wide variety of goods, customs clearance will be more difficult than usual. Sometimes some items are popular in Japan but are not allowed to be imported into your country.
Note: When happening in those cases, Janbox Customer Service Center will try to notify customers by email as soon as possible and we also look forward to receiving understanding from customers.

2. Responsibilities of Janbox

- Check and update the goods' status with airlines and third-party carriers to urge the goods to be sent quickly.
- Contact directly by email, chat or call directly with the seller to ask them to check the order and know the delay reasons (whether goods have been sent yet, Whether send to the correct Janbox warehouse address or not,...).
- Contact to third shipping party (international EMS, ...) to track the goods route status.
- Immediately notify the customer if the order meets any problems related to the transportation to avoid affecting the work requirements and customer's personal use.

3. Do not receive your order after 15 days

In the case that the customer does not receive the order after 15 days (from the expected date), and the fault does not come from the seller but comes from Janbox, causing the goods to be lost during the transportation process. At this time, Janbox will be responsible to compensate you as below:
- Customers can buy a replacement product at no extra cost.
- Our customers will be refunded the full amount of money paid.
=> Read more at claiming process
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